May 1, 2020


Feeling nervous before the shoot? That’s normal! Here are a few ways you can prepare for your engagement session.
GET GOOD SLEEP – If you’re reading this past 10 pm, you should probably finish this, real quick; and go to bed! Most of my shoots are done in the morning, 8-10 am so going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep is important.
WAKE UP EARLY/ON TIME – If you did step one, this should come pretty easily. If not, make sure you set multiple alarms to get up on time!
EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST – As I mentioned earlier, most of my shoots are done between 8-10 am. If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast, you might find yourself getting a little hungry during the shoot.
BRING WATER/SNACKS – Regardless of if you ate breakfast or not, you should bring water and snacks just in case!
BRING A CHANGE OF SHOES – Sometimes, the area we are walking in could be muddy or rocky. Bring a pair of comfy shoes, that you don’t mind getting dirty; so that you don’t ruin your shoes or, for the ladies; get tired of walking in heels. Also, don’t worry about getting your shoes in the picture, we will get full body & half body shots so it won’t matter if you’re wearing sneakers in the half body shots.
BRING YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS/MAKEUP/CHANGE OF CLOTHES – South/Central Texas can be hot during summer months, so bring hair products & makeup just in case you start to sweat it off.
DON’T STRESS IF YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW ANY OF THE STEPS PRIOR – You were nervous about the shoot so you went to bed late, you barley rolled out of bed this morning, you didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast or pack water and snacks much less a change of shoes and everything else…if this is you, congratulations; you are a normal human being! DONT WORRY!!! If you’re gonna be late, just shoot me a text and we can push it back or reschedule. Not a big deal. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot, and what’s most important is your safety so there is no reason to be flying down the interstate.
RELAX – Photoshoots are super chill, I’d say they’re about as chill as going for a morning stroll. In reality that’s all it is, a morning stroll with pictures being taken, along with a little bit of direction of course.
HAVE FUN & ENJOY YOUR SESSION – Professional photoshoots are a bit of a luxury unless you’re a social media influencer or someone who always in the spotlight this should be relatively new to you, so enjoy it and have fun!