May 1, 2020


Before I begin, let me start by saying; I love animals. I’ve had birds, aquariums full of fish, cats, rabbits, dogs, and even a chicken! My dogs have been with me throughout all of my adventures through Big Bend National Park, The Guadalupe Mountains, The Monahan Sand Dunes, and even up the Flat Iron Mountains with me in Boulder Colorado. With my personal experience, as well as working with others; here are 10 things to bring to a portrait session with your puppers.

  1. A GOOD HARNESS – A good harness will securely fit around your dog’s chest and will prevent them from hurting themselves or straining their neck if they like to pull on their leash.
  2. A SHORT LEASH – A 6-foot leash attached to a harness will keep you in control of your pupper, not your pupper in control of you; and will make things a whole lot easier!
  3. A BLANKET – Bring a blanket to throw on the ground so that you can sit next to your dog without getting your clothes dirty!
  4. TREATS & MORE TREATS – Being able to get your fur baby to listen to basic commands when being surrounded by other people in a new environment can be a bit of a challenge. Treats will fix this! Bring treats of a higher value, such as cut-up weenie; just in case the regular treats are not getting their attention
  5. TOYS – Sometimes your dog needs to burn off some pent up energy. Bringing a frisbee, ball or their favorite toy could provide useful in making them calmer.
  6. DOGGY BAGS – This one is pretty self-explanatory, 99% probability your dog will poop during the session so make sure to bring doggy bags!
  7. WATER & WATER BOWL – Depending on the session, sometimes a session can last an hour or so and involve a lot of walking. Your furry friend may need a drink to stay hydrated!
  8. A BANDANA & ACCESSORIES – You’re all dressed up for the photo session but is your doggo? Make sure they’re styling with a bandana or outfit of your their choosing!
  9. A GROOMING BRUSH – For one, this will ensure your pet is looking dapper in their photo. For two, it could help in having them sit & remain calm as we take pictures.
  10. PATIENCE – The most important thing on this list is having patience. If you’ve done everything listed above and if your pet is still having a difficult time during the session, that’s ok! This is more common than you think so don’t worry. Your pet will be able to read everyone’s energy so it’s very important that everyone remains cool, calm and collected at all times.